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We are a virtual digital research consultancy fusing traditional & innovative practices. We use the power & reach of conversational research technologies alongside the discipline of social sciences to really understand people and their social relationships. We are uninventing market research to deliver transparent value, accuracy and actionable insight to clients and their brands.

We recruit and collect data for your project across multiple channels

Mobile & Web
Facebook Messenger  

We design the method best suited for your project and target group

Conversational Surveys
Social Segmentations
Mobile Communities 
Co-Creative Messenger Channels
Digital Crowdsourcing

We bring to life data and un-earth key insights through stories

Simplified Analytics 
Clear Benchmarking
Strategy Ideation 
Future Planning

Philosophy & Values

Sociography is a branch of sociology that concentrates on the descriptive analysis of society, societal sub-divisions and societal patterns. To keep it simple, it is the study of better understanding people, their interactions with others and their daily routines and habits.

If you need help in understanding what people do, why they do it, and what they are going to do next, then get in touch.

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions centred around our 4 core values below.

Conversations NOT Surveys

Surveys are closed and one way. Conversations are two-way, more engaging, foster trust and increases quality and reliability of data.

Stories NOT Tables

You can’t take a set of tables to a key stakeholder and expect them to understand the output. That all changes with a story though.

Science NOT Assumption

Evidence based on social science theory not what we think the data might say.

Flexibility NOT Rigidity

Projects should adapt along their journey to ensure the best outcome.

Uninventing knowledge share – Paths of Greece

Sifnos Trails

We built a Facebook insight community for the Paths of Greece to help profile and survey their membership group.


To get people talking about hiking and find out who those people are to better serve them.

The Numbers

A growing community of 2,000+ hikers who are contacted weekly with conversational surveys.


Facebook Messenger BOT


Kind Words

Some good words from some good people.

Graeme is highly motivated, thorough and passionate about his work. He is a forward thinker who embraces new ideas, whilst still making sure all the boxes are ticked and the job gets done. As well as being extremely switched on and dedicated to his projects, Graeme is also a joy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Sam Stokes

CEO – Happiour

Graeme has a passion for research and for his brands which is reflected in everything that he does. He is a forward thinker prepared to explore new ideas as long as they add something to the business. He always makes sure that that the research he is doing and the insight he is deriving has a practical purpose in driving the busienss forward.

Andy Morris

CIO – YouGov

Graeme is the ultimate understated continually inspiring partner in crime – be it innovation or all things research. His knowledge of social research spans far beyond anyone else I’ve ever come across – and he can turn his hand to any aspect of research in his sleep. He is great fun to work with and bounce ideas off to get the right solution.

Jane Young

CEO – Kanbee


Here we are.  Just the two of us so far. Big things come in small packages.



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“The Storyteller”

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